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How Does Pet Exportation Work?

Pet exportation is bringing your pet abroad via In-Cabin, Checked in Baggage  or as Manifested Cargo.

What does in-cabin, checked in baggage and manifested cargo mean?

There are multiple ways for your pet to travel abroad and we will explain them here.

1. In-Cabin : This refers to pets travelling inside the passenger area a.k.a cabin of the airplane. Your pet can travel in-cabin as long as they meet the airline’s criteria.

2. Checked-in Baggage : When your pet is too big for the cabin, they can be checked in as excess baggage.

3. Manifested Cargo : Pets can travel without their owners through this method. Pets are placed at an area inside the plane similar to the cabin with regulated temperature and ventilation.

What are the requirements for exporting pets?

The basic requirements for exporting are as follows:

1. Your pet must at least be 4 months of age.
2. Your pet must be microchipped.
3. Pet passport or vaccination records with updated vaccinations and deworming.
4. Your pet must have a valid rabies vaccination not less than 30 days before the flight.
5. Veterinary Health Certificate from your private veterinarian
6. Export Permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry

There are countries which have special tests and requirements. You can check with their policies or you can consult with us directly.

How much does it cost to ship my pet?

The cost to transport a pet will depend on the following factors:

1. Airline rates
2. Season – Peak season or not?
3. Special tests required by the destination country
4. Your pet’s crate size. We have a detailed diagram on how to measure your pet’s height here.

What are the inclusions of the export service?

We at PetTransPRO can provide you with customized pet shipping services based on your needs. Here is a summary of what we offer for our export service:

1. Pet Taxi Service
2. Travel Equipment
3. Customized Shipping Labels
4. Veterinary Check-up (Pre-departure)
5. Travel Documents 
6. Bureau of Animal Industry Inspection
7. Airline booking
8. Freight and Transit Charges
9. Invoice and Packing List
10. Customs Taxes (Philippine side)
11. Microchipping
12. Laboratory Testing
13. Pet Nanny Service (subject to destination country)

What is pet nanny service for international travel?

A “Pet Nanny” is someone who is in charge of escorting your pet to the destination country. Your pet will either be as checked-in baggage or be accompanied in cabin depending on the airline’s pet acceptance policy.

The nanny will be responsible for customs clearance, releasing and settling the taxes upon arrival at the destination country. 

***Due to the pandemic, pet nanny services are limited at the moment. 

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