Your pet’s trip to the Philippines doesn’t have to be hard!

Want to bring your pet to the Philippines? We’ll make your pet’s trip home easy and hassle-free!

What does pet importation mean?

Pet importation refers to the process of bringing your pet into the Philippines from the exporting country. We aim to make your pet’s trip easier for you by providing you with access to our international network of brokers and shippers to assist you in getting your pet to the country.

How does pet importation work?

There are two ways to import a pet into the Philippines. 

1. Accompanied : This happens when your pet is flying with you and/or with a pet nanny. The checked is usually flown as checked-in baggage or as in cabin luggage.

2. Manifested Cargo : A pet usually flies as manifested cargo when they fly alone without a human companion. 

Both of these shipping methods are accepted for pets going into the Philippines. 

What are the requirements to import my pet?

The following are the requirements for pet’s entry into the Philippines for cats and dogs:

1. SPS Clearance : This is the import permit that has to be secured before your pet’s flight.
2. Microchip : Your pet will have to be microchipped
3. Vaccinations : Anti-Rabies and DHLPPI shots should be updated.
4. Deworming Records

Failure to comply with the requirements will result in your pet to be placed on hold and/or returned to origin at owner’s expense.

How much does it cost to import a pet?

The cost for importation varies on the following factors:

1. How many pets will be imported?
2. Pet’s breed and ages
3. Airline used
4. Shipper or broker from exporting country
5. Your pet’s crate size

***Please note that an individual is only allowed to import a maximum of 3 pets at the same time per year.

Is there a quarantine period for my pet upon entry to the Philippines?

Yes. The Philippine government imposes a 30-day home quarantine for dogs and cats. They should be in the address declared in the SPS Clearance for 30 days before being moved elsewhere.

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